Website use terms

1. Makerhood Brixton website ('site') is an online showcase for makers in Brixton and surrounding areas. Its purpose is to enable people to find information about local makers and making-related activities. For legal purposes, the site is operated by Makerhood CIC (“Makerhood” or “we”), registration number 07598984.

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7. We reserve the right to change or remove any content on this site, suspend the operation of the site or any of its parts, services or subdomains, temporarily or permanently without notice, and to block any user’s access to this website at our discretion.

8. Makerhood does not monitor, and so does not accept responsibility for, the content posted by users on this website, services or the goods provided by users, or their actions.

9. Makerhood does not act as agent either to the site’s users or the service providers who advertise on the site. Nor is Makerhood a party to any contract or transaction between users of the site. Accordingly, Makerhood does not accept any responsibility for users complying with their advertised transaction terms such as prices, delivery and payment terms, refunds, and others.

10. We do not review makers’ profiles, listings or any content posted by users on this site. However, you may report apparent misconduct of site users to us on . At our discretion, we may investigate the report and take appropriate action. The clearer your report, the easier it would be for us to take action.

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