Sewin Studio by Maggie Winnall-Sewin Studio

Brixton maker

 Sewin Studio is textile art studio creating colourful contemporary handbag art, quilts and accessories.

Reclaiming, reusing and reinventing materials is central to the practice, aiming to create beauty from what we have at hand and to stitch for success by using affirmations and positive thinking.

art. Hand cut letters and words in the form of affirmations are appliqued onto handbags and oyster card wallets  to create positive messages to carry with you.


I run creative sewing workshops incorporating patchwork/ quilt/ textile techniques making Affirmative Applique™ Badges and Oyster Card Wallets. I can facilitate stitched textile projects for private groups in your own home, for community groups, Parent and Carer groups at schools and for school children.

Morrish Road
Markets I sell at: 

Brixton Community Markets at Station Road, Brixton.