Flextiles by Kim Winter

Brixton maker

My name is Kim Winter. I am a textile artist and I live in Brixton.

I particularly love working with felt and indigo dyeing, so these are the two techniques I mostly work with. Both processes are a bit like alchemy: transforming a fluffy mass of fleece into strong, durable felt, or watching fabric that's just been dipped into the indigo vat turn from green to blue before your eyes!

But I still like experimenting with textiles – which I define quite loosely, so I include felt, yarn, plastic, paper, metal and more. Hence the name Flextiles! You can follow my experiments on my .

I also work a lot with upcycled and found materials, especially scarves. I love the thrill of the hunt, and there’s a real sense of achievement in cleaning a cast-off and transforming it back into a desirable item by stitching, clamping or wrapping it in the indigo vat. It's more interesting and challenging for me, my customers know they are getting a unique piece, and it's more sustainable than ordering blank silk scarves from China.

Every piece I make is one of a kind because of the techniques I use - I couldn't repeat them even if I wanted to. 

In my day job I’m a freelance editor – I specialise in building simple WordPress websites for makers, sole traders or small community groups so that they can update them themselves. It's creativity of a different kind – but I prefer creating textiles!