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Brixton maker

Working from my home studio I provide handmade products and offer an upholstery service. Products in the form of a select and unique range of soft furnishings for home interiors following the green principle of reusing and recycling fabrics and other materials where possible.

My soft furnishings feature fabrics sourced from both local and london based traders and where possible recycled textiles materials are used, helping to create a range of unique, stylish and ethical products.  


My soft furnishing range consist of:

Cushions: a variety of styles are available (zip, envelope,ribbon tied, piped)

Footstools: cloth or wood based

Seat cushions: ribbon tied

Chair covers: covering whole or half chairs

Please phone or email for further price information


Other services offered

Upholstery service

On a commission basis a soft furnishing / upholstery service is available, where a larger range of fabrics are available to select from.

Please phone or email for further price information


Greeting cards

Unique handmade greeting cards. One off greeting cards are blank on the inside to allow you to personalise your card.




Free delivery can be organised within the london area.





How to Workshops Summer 2015 onwards
 As a member of the Remakery, a green community co-operative based in Lambeth who have workshop space for making things from materials that were destined for landfill, I plan to provide workshops at the Remakery where people will be able to learn how to make their own soft furnishings such as cushions using ethical/green principles and very simple sewing techniques.
The “How to Workshops” projects will vary depending on the season, Christmas, Easter and other occasions.

Watch this space for futher details of workshops I plan to run from the Remakery this summer. Also this information will be available on the Remakery website.

I do commissions
63 Leys Court
Brixton Road