Cute & Paste by Cute & Paste

West Norwood maker

Cute & Paste was established in December 2012, as the typical hobby-turned-business, now much more serious but no less loved.

We use recycled wine corks as an inspiration for all sorts of home decor pieces; our creations include wine cork boards, coat hangers, key hooks, chalkboards and much more. The Cute & Paste twist to the old useful pin cork board gives them an abundance of character and charm. You can now make a cork board the feature of you room.

Whenever possible we use recycled frames or carefully source them from hidden treasure troves. Most of the wine corks are collected from a friendly restaurant in central London (added to a few we collect ourselves along the way).

Our other line of funky fabric accessories include tote bags, phone holders, camera carriers and sunglasses cases. The quirky and fun fabrics are especially ordered in small quantities to make only a few pieces of each fabric and we aim to vary shape, size and details so each one ends up with its own character. All of our creations are completely handmade and our loving attention to detail guarantees our products are completely original and special!

Cute & Paste puts a lot of care into every single piece and we are always experimenting with different techniques, designs and finishes. The idea is that two are never the same! We are sure you will love our products as much as we do!