Artist book for artist you. I dare you. For colouring and doodling at any age. Limited edition of 10

Handmade artist book for artist you.
For adult or older kid.
Concertina doodling / colouring book. Extremely original and pretty!

The book invites you to make your own creative use -adding drawings or text, displaying it or building something new.

Limited edition of 10. Only 5 left.
Designed using a concertina format, the book is made of layers of beautiful paper such as:

+++Red thick 200 gms Fabriano for the cover,

+++Pink/grey, black and snow white 150gms Canford paper in the inner pages.

+++Limited edition of 10, your book will be signed, dated and will show the edition number on the back cover. 5 left

It measures approximately 4.5 x 4.5 inches (11 x 11 cm)

On the book cover you can read "I dare you" and when you open the book this is followed by other challenging sentences and statements that sound like clues to solve a mystery. The black ink illustrations are intriguing and look like some sort of post-industrial, forlorn city. All this together works as a metaphor of the artistic journey; a journey of courage, experimentation and assertiveness.

It has plenty of blank space to draw over different colours. I invite you to explore them.