Community Interest Statement

Makerhood Community Interest Statement

Makerhood exists to support making and skills in local communities, and in doing so promote creativity, community cohesion, and local economic development, conserve the environment, and help empower individuals and communities more broadly.

We seek to adopt pioneering approaches which combine serving community causes with sustainable economics and sound business practices, and making the best of online tools and physical community engagement in our work. We rely heavily on volunteering while looking to make our activities financially sustainable in the long term.

We aim to:

Promote the creation and consumption of locally-made goods by:

  • providing marketing and sales opportunities for local makers, artists, crafters and growers, on- and offline
  • raising awareness of the benefits of locally-sourced consumption generally, and of specific goods made in each local area
  • supporting business skills and business development for local makers

Promote the learning of making skills by individuals by:

  • organising local workshops and courses
  • promoting local workshops and courses organised by other organisations and individuals

Support community networks focused around making by:

  • providing online and physical spaces for maker networks to form and flourish
  • collaborating with other organisations that share our goals
  • providing advice and expertise for public and private organisations seeking to support local making and skills.