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Stockwell maker

• Art4Space is an award winning not-for-profit social enterprise founded and run by professional artists with more than 16 years’ experience
• Visual art is at the centre of everything we do
• We connect and enhance communities through art and inspire individuals through creativity
• We are a local organisation with an international reach
• We work with organisations and individuals to deliver creative solutions

• Art4Space has worked with more than 350 schools to deliver inspirational art projects and accredited training courses
• We work collaboratively with the school community to promote creativity in education
• We provide a supportive and inclusive environment where every individual is given the confidence to develop their skills

Community organisations
• Art4Space has delivered more than 200 creative projects working collaboratively with a wealth of community groups
• We have a proven track record of engaging with harder to reach communities
• We help strengthen communities through art
• Key benefits of working with Art4Space include enhanced wellbeing and increased employability

I do commissions
Art4Space Community Arts Centre
31 Jeffreys Road